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My enduring passion is for the mountains and wilderness. Having trained as an environmental scientist I have somehow fallen into the world of ultra and endurance running. My dream is to encourage people to realise the sanctuary of the mountains, the richness of our environment and our responsibility to protect it, and the value of challenging yourself both physically and mentally.


Wednesday, 1 October 2008

"People do not resist change; they resist having change imposed on them"


Life is at the moment a rollercoaster of constant change - a night here, a night there .... Sometimes hard to keep track of where I am, literally and figuratively. But it is good .... I guess at the moment for me there is still a lot of change, but it is created by opportunity rather than being imposed.

Now ahead I have the challenge of focusing on preparation to again represent Great Britain in the 100km World Championships (8th November in Italy). Somehow legs and head and heart worked together and I achieved the time I needed in Boddington 50km race at the weekend. At 3:29:10 it wasn't my best time (3:20), but still 2nd fastest in the world this year - and with only 10 days back on the road and still relatively soon after the Tour du Mont Blanc - it was better than I'd hoped. But hard work to do before I am ready for the World Championships.

But one step at a time - for now I enjoy the last night home with my parents in the UK. Then back to Winterthur for a night and onward to Cologne. I will run the Cologne marathon on Sunday - having run hard last weekend I can't hope for a good time, but it will be good preparation for the 100km. Then a series of five presentations for TECOSIM before a train journey to Austria to cover the Tour de Tirol for Athletics Weekly. Finally ... I will wend my way back to Zermatt and my beloved mountains.

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