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My enduring passion is for the mountains and wilderness. Having trained as an environmental scientist I have somehow fallen into the world of ultra and endurance running. My dream is to encourage people to realise the sanctuary of the mountains, the richness of our environment and our responsibility to protect it, and the value of challenging yourself both physically and mentally.


Monday, 7 July 2008

Zermatt, Switzerland

The future depends on what we do in the present.


The head said don't run ....
The heart said try ....

I tried. I started, I finished and some miracle was working with me because I defended my title at the Zermatt Marathon for the 3rd year.

I was so happy just to be here in Zermatt amongst the mountains which are so special to me. It must have given my heart extra strength. I was so well looked after by Dany and Felicitas Biner and all at Hotel Silvana - they gave me wonderful support and encouragement. The good wishes of so many people were carrying me. From one hour running a day for maybe two weeks to a half marathon to a marathon? But it worked this time .....

The morning of the marathon I stared up to the Riffelberg from the Silvana - and wondered if and how I might be there that day. Not at all, by train, by walking if I pulled out of the race, or by running?! The power of the mountains here drew me onwards and upwards. And it feels all alright still now - so no damage done I hope. Now for an easy few long days of walking, some running and some mountains if weather permits.....

July 11th

Still here in Zermatt - and the weather has been kind to us this week, although now will turn to rain for the weekend. From Hotel Silvana to the campsite to Monte Rosa Hutte. A wonderful few days in the mountains - almost to the summit of the Doufourspitze of the Monte Rosa. Almost but not quite - a mountain to return to. And then a solitary jaunt along the ridge from Gornergrat to the summit of the Stockhorn. A walk - but a lone summit moment - peace. It was special.

Zermatt Marathon

Right to Play: ‘when children play, the world wins’.

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